Emergency Lights…

So what’s the first thing you do when the power goes out?(After you freak out because that work project/kids school birthday snack/ everything else you had to finish right then, requires electric)

You scramble for flashlights, of course! Except the batteries are dead because your 3 year old was ‘camping’ under the dining table again.  So you dig for candles everywhere you possibly remember seeing them last…of course they’re nowhere to be found while stumbling around in the dark and even if they were, you’d have to start all over to find matches! (And who can dig those little wicks out of melted wax in the dark, anyway?!)

For all of these reasons, and so many more, I was so excited when we came across this item, the Hunter Emergency LED Light 45180.  This emergency light has so many useful features, besides being indispensable in an emergency.  This is what it looks like out of the package:



Here’s how they work: Plug in the emergency light (The above view is the light laying on its’ side) There are actually 3 LED lights in the front of the light and the 4th LED is located at the bottom of the light and shines down

A great feature is that the plug receptacle lays flat when removed from the wall so that it’s not poking you in the hand when being carried as a flashlight.  The little circle you see in the front (it’s actually the top of the light) is the photosensor, or otherwise known as the spot that senses bright daylight or incandescent light (lightbulbs).  This is one of the best features of this light:

If the power goes out during the day, the light sensor will prevent the light from turning on until it senses dark.  This allows the light to conserve power in the event of an outage while it’s still daytime.  It can still be used as a flashlight by just sliding the switch from AUTO to ON.  Also, if the power goes out while it’s dark, the sensor will only switch on one LED automatically in the AUTO mode.  This is another smart way that this light conserves its’ battery.  You can easily use more LED’s during an outage (or anytime): to use more LED’s during an outage, switch the light to ON instead of AUTO and then you can choose between 1, 3 , and 4 LED lights for different levels of brightness.

The rechargeable battery will provide up to 16 hours of light when using 1 LED; up to 10 hours of light when using the 3 LED’s on the front panel; and up to 8 hours of light when using all 4 LED’s.

And one of my favorite features is the nightlight! I love this part…I not only have a flashlight always at the ready, I also have nightlights that don’t need those impossible to change nightlight- bulbs replaced constantly! If I leave the emergency light in the AUTO mode, it will turn on the one downward facing LED when it senses dark each night.  It points the light at the floor so it’s not too disturbing. This is the same mode that would turn on in an outage anyway so that I would have some lighting to find where I plugged it in.

So, the reason I’m writing about these now is we just recently had a 10 minute thunderstorm the day before our 9 year old’s birthday party and this resulted in an almost 4 day power outage.  All of the batteries were dead in our flashlights (when we finally found them) and candles aren’t an option due to an overactive 3 year old.  We had these lights plugged in throughout the house and they got us through 2 days.  Without emergency lights, we definitely would have been stuck without anything that first night!  Don’t be stuck, be prepared!

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