What are ‘Closeouts’?…(And how they save you $$)

We buy closeouts!

What exactly does that mean to someone who doesn’t work in retail?

What are ‘Closeouts’??

  • Large companies, small companies, manufacturers, warehouses and all sorts of wholesale companies deal in huge quantities of products that change each season.  That means that as soon as the season is over, the products need to be pulled from the shelves.
  • The same thing happens when a big box store makes a deal with a new brand: all of the competitors’ products need to be pulled from the shelves and the brand-new, perfect product is taken out of the store.
  • Bulk return deals where box stores collect all of their returns and sell them off to a closeout buyer
  • When a retail chain goes out of business, all of their remaining inventory is sold off.

This is where we come in:

We buy these huge quantities and get amazing deals! This is how we can offer the same exact, brand-new items for unbelievable prices!

And here’s how you benefit:

We buy the huge quantities that the average consumer would never want or need (sometimes tens of thousands!) and this allows us to get even better pricing.  We can then compete with the big-box store pricing and still provide the individual customer service you would expect from your local, family-run store!

Check out our great deals from our recent buy on work gloves:  Mechanix Wear work gloves and Youngstown work gloves

Don’t forget:

We process your order the same day we receive it!!

No backorders, no ‘2 to 3 day Processing’ time…

We have it, you order it, we ship it out right away!

Email us at CustomerService@CloseoutsAmerica.com with any questions!

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