Frog Tape ShurTech Shape Tape..Chevron, Wave, Scalloped and Textured-Project Ideas and How to’s!

This stuff has been a great seller and customers have been really impressed with how simple it is to use in real life.  ShurTech has always made great products so when they came to us with their new line of DIY painting and project tape we were definitely willing to give it a try here.

I mean, who doesn’t want to sit there cutting, measuring and laying out masking tape for hours to make their own painted patterns, only to have it bleed underneath?!   I have yet to meet a single person that wouldn’t run screaming from a project like that!  And that’s where Shape Tape comes in!

This stuff is so incredibly simple to use.  Just unroll it on your walls, furniture, even fabric and you can paint right over it!  Shape Tape™ is treated with patented PaintBlock® Technology, a super absorbent polymer that reacts with the water in latex paint and instantly gels to form a micro-barrier that seals the edges of the tape, which helps prevent paint bleed.  No more crossing your fingers as you pull the tape off the walls, hoping for a clean line.  You get one. Every time.

Another cool feature is the split backing.  You can peel off half of the backing and place it easily without it sticking to your fingers.  Nice touch ShurTech!  And it wraps around curved edges really well too.  We tested it on a fairly rough table top which we really should have taken the time to sand…but didn’t.  And you know what?  It came out perfectly!


We found some great inspiration for Frog Tape Shape Tape Designs and DIY Projects…Check them out below:

Chevron Frog Tape



This blogger used Frog Tape Chevron Shape Tape to create her own patterned backdrop…such a great idea for photos at a wedding or a party!!

wave tape pictureThis blogger used Frog Tape Wave Tape on a ceramic urn to make it her own custom piece!


Good Luck with your projects!


Craftsman 9-17562 Nextec 12-volt Right-Angle Impact Driver


Craftsman_17562_Right_angle_impact_driverWow! We just got another great deal!! This little item is very highly reviewed and indispensable for your home or business shop! Don’t pass up this deal….free shipping and 30% off of retail…and we ship the same day.  You really can’t go wrong!

Just keep reading for the specs on this little wonder tool:

  • Innovative, compact, ergonomic design
  • Reversible drill delivers 700 pounds of torque
  • Quick-connect clamp, electric brake, and fuel gauge
  • Includes charger, LED work light, battery, 4 accessories and case
  • Craftsman Tools. Trust. In your hands.

From the Manufacturer

This Craftsman 9-17562 nextec 12-volt right-angle impact driver features innovative, compact, ergonomic design. The reversible drill delivers 700 inches/pound of torque at 0-2200 rpm. Includes a 1/4 inch quick-connect clamp, electric brake, and handy fuel gauge. Complete the package with a charger, LED work light, battery, 4 accessories and case.

Product Description

Craftsman’s NEXTEC 12.0 Volt Right Angle Impact Driver is compact and powerful. The right angle design is ideal for getting into tight spaces and handling the tough tasks that your everyday drill can’t reach or handle. This powerful impact driver delivers more torque and works faster than “full sized” 18 Volt drills. The innovative impact mechanism absorbs the twisting action associated with most other drills and applies it to the work piece so your hand doesn’t twist with the tool. * 700 in.-lbs. of Torque Motor delivers maximum torque in both forward and reverse. * 0-2100 RPM, fast and powerful for heavy duty applications. * 1/4-Inch Quick-Connect Clamp for fast and convenient bit changes. * Innovative Battery Fuel Gauge turns green, yellow and red to indicate the charge level. * LED work light available to illuminate the work area and enhance the line of sight. * Product set includes the following: – Right Angle Impact Driver – Battery – Charger – Drilling and Driving Accessories (4) – Storage Case * 1 Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty

Franklin Brass Glass Bathroom Wall Shelf, ‘Jamestown’, Satin Nickel, 9065SN

FB.SHELF.9065SNThese came in a little while ago and I’ve been meaning to add some more details about this great shelf.  It’s a really sturdy shelf made of thick tempered glass.  The Satin Nickel finials that affix to the wall and hold the glass itself we’re so easy to install.  They come with the mounting hardware for each finial.  The finial itself then anchors to the wall mount.  The glass slides into the finials and then you only need a flathead screwdriver to securely tighten the glass to the finial.  Couldn’t have been easier and they really are beautiful.  We installed 2 of these in our bathroom and they added some much needed extra wall storage and style!

Some details to consider: Glass measures 24 Inches long by 5 Inches deep.  Finial base measures 2.75 Inches in diameter and adds 1.5 inches to the depth of the shelf for a total depth from wall to edge of glass of 6.5 Inches
The finials are a Satin Nickel finish.

Honeywell Air Purifiers HHT-217 and HHT-219 HEPA 3-in-1 Tower Air Cleaning System

Honeywell Air Purifier HHT 217 WHITE

Honeywell Air Purifier HHT 217 WHITE



Honeywell Air Purifier HHT 219 Black

These are amazing air purifiers! Honeywell is a household name and I know they have a great product.  This Honeywell Tower Air Purifier has so many features but still manages to be simple to use, and it truly works.

When you first take the item out of the box, the filters are pre-installed which is a nice touch…you don’t have to fumble around trying to figure which filter goes in which spot. They’re ready to plug and go.  They recommend that it’s plugged in 3 feet from the wall for proper air circulation.

The only difference between their HHT-217 model and the HHT-219 is the color…Honeywell HHT-217 is WHITE and HHT-219 is BLACK.

There is an indicator to remind you when it’s time to clean your filter, approximately once a month.  This is one of my favorite things about this particular air purifier.  I know that my refrigerator filter suffers terribly from replacement neglect.  It takes me months just to remember to take the time to pull everything out of the refrigerator, pull out the filter, sit down and look it up online and then order it.  (And they’re Really Expensive!!) So I’m thrilled that I don’t have to go through that with another household appliance.

There is also a timer feature so that you can set a shutoff time if you don’t want it to run continuously.

The UV light can also be switched on and off if you don’t want it running at all times.  We use it most of the time, especially during germ season. (Which pretty much means the minute school starts until the minute its’ over!!)

The unit is designed for a medium-sized room such as a bedroom or office.

This is from the manufacturer: “This state of the art, multi-featured air purifier does it all with one simple to operate unit! With a permanent air filter that is simple to clean (just rinse) you can always have clean, fresh, allergen-free air in your home! The easy-to-read digital controls allow you to adjust any setting with the touch of a button. This unit harnesses the power of UV light to kill viruses, bacteria, fungi and mold spores! With the additional included filter you can reduce odors in your home as well from smoke, pets and cooking! This unit is effective at removing up to 99% of airborne pollutants from dust, pet dander, smoke and pollen…

  • New Quiet Clean Air Purifier with HEPA Performance Triple Action Air Cleaning System! 3 – 1 (Germ Fighting UV, HEPA Performance and Odor Control)
  • Germ fighting UV power (Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi and Mold Spores) Removes up to 99% of airborne pollutants (Dust, Pet Dander, Smoke and Pollen)
  • Odor control with Filter included (Pets, Smoke, Cooking and Nursery) Permanent primary filter…easy to clean, just rinse
  • Most effective for use in rooms up to 124 Square feet Certified by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers to meet strict room air cleaning standards
  • Model HHT_217 Color is White and the HHT_219 color is Black

All in all, a great air purifier and the price is amazing, too!

Emergency Lights…

So what’s the first thing you do when the power goes out?(After you freak out because that work project/kids school birthday snack/ everything else you had to finish right then, requires electric)

You scramble for flashlights, of course! Except the batteries are dead because your 3 year old was ‘camping’ under the dining table again.  So you dig for candles everywhere you possibly remember seeing them last…of course they’re nowhere to be found while stumbling around in the dark and even if they were, you’d have to start all over to find matches! (And who can dig those little wicks out of melted wax in the dark, anyway?!)

For all of these reasons, and so many more, I was so excited when we came across this item, the Hunter Emergency LED Light 45180.  This emergency light has so many useful features, besides being indispensable in an emergency.  This is what it looks like out of the package:



Here’s how they work: Plug in the emergency light (The above view is the light laying on its’ side) There are actually 3 LED lights in the front of the light and the 4th LED is located at the bottom of the light and shines down

A great feature is that the plug receptacle lays flat when removed from the wall so that it’s not poking you in the hand when being carried as a flashlight.  The little circle you see in the front (it’s actually the top of the light) is the photosensor, or otherwise known as the spot that senses bright daylight or incandescent light (lightbulbs).  This is one of the best features of this light:

If the power goes out during the day, the light sensor will prevent the light from turning on until it senses dark.  This allows the light to conserve power in the event of an outage while it’s still daytime.  It can still be used as a flashlight by just sliding the switch from AUTO to ON.  Also, if the power goes out while it’s dark, the sensor will only switch on one LED automatically in the AUTO mode.  This is another smart way that this light conserves its’ battery.  You can easily use more LED’s during an outage (or anytime): to use more LED’s during an outage, switch the light to ON instead of AUTO and then you can choose between 1, 3 , and 4 LED lights for different levels of brightness.

The rechargeable battery will provide up to 16 hours of light when using 1 LED; up to 10 hours of light when using the 3 LED’s on the front panel; and up to 8 hours of light when using all 4 LED’s.

And one of my favorite features is the nightlight! I love this part…I not only have a flashlight always at the ready, I also have nightlights that don’t need those impossible to change nightlight- bulbs replaced constantly! If I leave the emergency light in the AUTO mode, it will turn on the one downward facing LED when it senses dark each night.  It points the light at the floor so it’s not too disturbing. This is the same mode that would turn on in an outage anyway so that I would have some lighting to find where I plugged it in.

So, the reason I’m writing about these now is we just recently had a 10 minute thunderstorm the day before our 9 year old’s birthday party and this resulted in an almost 4 day power outage.  All of the batteries were dead in our flashlights (when we finally found them) and candles aren’t an option due to an overactive 3 year old.  We had these lights plugged in throughout the house and they got us through 2 days.  Without emergency lights, we definitely would have been stuck without anything that first night!  Don’t be stuck, be prepared!

What are ‘Closeouts’?…(And how they save you $$)

We buy closeouts!

What exactly does that mean to someone who doesn’t work in retail?

What are ‘Closeouts’??

  • Large companies, small companies, manufacturers, warehouses and all sorts of wholesale companies deal in huge quantities of products that change each season.  That means that as soon as the season is over, the products need to be pulled from the shelves.
  • The same thing happens when a big box store makes a deal with a new brand: all of the competitors’ products need to be pulled from the shelves and the brand-new, perfect product is taken out of the store.
  • Bulk return deals where box stores collect all of their returns and sell them off to a closeout buyer
  • When a retail chain goes out of business, all of their remaining inventory is sold off.

This is where we come in:

We buy these huge quantities and get amazing deals! This is how we can offer the same exact, brand-new items for unbelievable prices!

And here’s how you benefit:

We buy the huge quantities that the average consumer would never want or need (sometimes tens of thousands!) and this allows us to get even better pricing.  We can then compete with the big-box store pricing and still provide the individual customer service you would expect from your local, family-run store!

Check out our great deals from our recent buy on work gloves:  Mechanix Wear work gloves and Youngstown work gloves

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